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Empowering artists with multimedia excellence.
Logo of Veryson Media

Veryson Media is a dynamic artist management and record label dedicated to bringing creativity to life through the lens, the soundwaves, and the visual arts. With over years of experience in the entertainment industry, our passionate team has successfully collaborated with a diverse range of artists to produce captivating video content, stunning photography, exceptional audio recordings, and efficient music distribution. Moreover, we excel in social media management, helping artists build and engage with their online communities effectively. Our mission is to empower artists by providing them with the tools and support they need to excel in today's multimedia-driven world. From concept to final production, and from managing their online presence to reaching a global audience, we're here to transform ideas into unforgettable visual and auditory experiences, helping artists reach their full potential and connect with their audience on a profound level.


Veryson Media is founded in 2015 by actor and filmmaker Nick J. Thyson (also known as singer/rapper and dancer ”Mr. Thyson” ). In secundary Nick studied Graphic Design at KSO Sint-Lucas and Publicity, Advertisement and Marketing at Kunstkaai and Cross Media at Encora in Antwerp, Belgium. From 2017 to 2019 Nick was teacher in Graphic Design and ICT at the Beauty & Lifestyle Academy by Lesley-Ann Poppe.

Since 2024 he is coach at YouthStart, teaching young talent with starting up their business, and at Kleurrijk Entertainment, collaborating projects and creative workshops of all sorts.


Nick is dance instructor and entertainer at Born4Dance, performing in group at bigger and smaller shows, even at retirement homes. Nick is engaged with a group of dancers with a mental/physical disability within Born4Dance. That group of dancers perform together with Mr. Thyson on stage.

Nick's creativity knows no bounds as he started acting in theatres in 2006 (when he was 10 years old). Later in 2015 professional acting became his job. In 2021, Nick was trained as a film producer by top actor R.Kan Albay (known for his major role alongside Koen De Bouw in “Dossier K.”) and had Nick and his company Veryson Media collaborate on cinema films (such as “The Codfather” including well-known actor ”Jenne Decleir”) from his production company Welibach (known for the film “Isra en Het Magische Boek”).

Behind Our Scenes.
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